Social Security Disability Attorney

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Social security disability
By the year 2015, the percentage of the population of people who will be living there will be 19 percent . One in three people over the age of 65 who are residents in Florida are receiving Social Security benefits as their only income. Out of all of the people in Florida who are getting Social Security benefits, 69 percent are retirees. More than one million people who live in Florida that are elderly would be living in poverty if they were not getting Social Security. Every Social Security Disability attorney knows these facts. Social Security is a benefit that people get after working and paying into it for years. It is not an entitlement, it is an insurance and you don’t need social security attorneys to get your benefits. You just need to reach retirement age and then file the paperwork to start receiving your Social Security payments and you needn’t contact a Social security disability attorney. The same is not true for Social Security Disability benefits. For that, you do need the help of a Social Security disability attorney. A social security disability lawyer can file all of the right paperwork for you so that your claim will not be rejected. Out of all the applicants that file for Social Security benefits in the state of Florida, only about 35 percent get accepted. These are usually the claims that are filed with the help of social security lawyers. Not just any Social security lawyer will do either. You must select an experienced Social Security disability attorney that has a good track record in winning social security disability claims. You don’t have to be a senior citizen. Even a young person who gets disabled may be able to get these benefits. However, it is very important to go and talk to a Social Security Disability attorney to find out what your rights are and even if you qualify. Trying to file for these benefits on your own can be done but it usually results in a denial. Just about everyone gets denied the first time they put in a claim for social security disability benefits. This is unfortunate because it can cause a needless delay in the financial help that you need. Don’t risk a denial, contact a Social Security Disability attorney today. Veterans lawyers are there to help veterans get their benefits too so look for a veterans lawyer if you are a vet.